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Voice & Data Cabling

Consultation, installation, connection, testing, certification and maintenance of Fiber Optic & Category 5e/6 network infrastructure.

Fiber Splicing

Fiber Optic splicing, single/multimode cabling, Fiber Optic Network installation, testing, certification, troubleshooting, & emergency service restoration.

Outside Plant Construction

Directional boring, plowing (static or vibratory), and placement, restoration, and maintenance of aerial installations (ADSS or strand & lash) and duct banks.


Multidisciplinary design, consultation, design, project management, and materials procurement – our suite of services will provide solutions to your project goals.

Directional Boring

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) offers a safer, trenchless solution that protects the environment and other stakeholders between points of connection.

Network & Camera Installation

Network & Camera Design, implementation, and maintenance for new or existing LAN/WAN infrastructure.

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